dimanche 18 juin 2017

Moroccan Sahara: Aldous Huxley had imagined the chimeric RASD

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I am reading Aldous Huxley's novel, BRAVE NEW WORLD, published in 1932; It is a novel of science fiction and more exactly of anticipation. In the midst of this work the author speaks of the reserve of the savages. I found a great resemblance between this reserve and the camps of the Polisario at Tindouf in Algeria; The number of inhabitants of this chimerical republic, the characters Bernard Marx, the distant and powerful Mustapha Menier, the incessant travels of the leaders and the distant buildings of Algiers with the cloud-mosque mosque; All this reminds me of the band of the Polisario who wants to cut out the southern half of Morocco with the help of Algeria which, in good Arab entity is the enemy sister of Morocco!

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