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Cop 22 The meaning Ighli Bab in Marrakech

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The old medina of Marrakech in its walls, many doors. They all have names monosemic except one: Bab Ighli. It overlooks the mountains of the Atlas which are entrenched themselves Amazigh and Jews after the Arab invasion in the plains. So the Bedouin tribes occupy the entire north of Marrakech ..

Thus Bab Ighli is one of the few entries to wear an Amazigh name: Indeed if Bab means "door" in Arabic, Ighli is a polysemous word in the Amazigh language ... It is a four-dimensional poetic past participle: He returns to heaven , sex, money and traffic ..
1) In heaven: eg Ighli dar rabi = It is mounted in God.
2) the sex: eg Ighli ikzine tikzinte = The dog is mounted on the dog.
3) Money: ex bo Ighli bou t'hanoute's t'mazight = The merchant is mounted under bled heard with money.
4) traffic: eg Ighli wach = Malignant driver mounted the slope.

I think this is the baraka of chance that made this place Cop 22 in Bab Ighli ... This event is in its way the four dimensions:

1) Heaven: Thousands of bipeds is taking too seriously will eliminate a number of gods, eg that of thunder, wind, fire, etc ... to pretend controlling the temperature of the globe-shaped testicle that turns in the void...

2) Sex : It's not very clean moralizing discourse of those who with their material means any violent, polluting everything and just ask the cows do not fart in their cells ...

3) Money: This circus costing 200 billion and it is always the working poor who pay. They pay people to 15 000 km for coming to read a piece of paper. Nobody dares to strongly denounce the terrorist environment that are very wealthy individuals too rich!

4) Traffic: With low coast planes, there are constantly people in heaven: People go to the hairdresser or to the tailor to 3000 km, while hundreds of millions are struggling to move usefully few kilometers ...

In short, anything goes "up" at Bab Ighli. This is not the modesty of the rich. This is not altruism capitalists. This is not the morality of policies. These are not social and family ties will develop. It's unlimited appetite SCIE (Sirs Capitalists Individualists and Egoists) will increase as only death stops this excessive appetite ...

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